Asymmetrical Yoga

I love yoga. 

When I was a student I cleaned the bathroom in a yoga studio in exchange for free classes. It changed my life and I will always be a big fan of yoga’s relaxing and restorative properties. 

We are not symmetrical.

Have you ever noticed that yoga postures feel different on one side versus the other other? Or are harder on one side than the other? That is your asymmetry speaking. We all have it in some way. 

Part of that is just being human. Our organs are not symmetrical, therefor our ability to orient and move our body won’t be either. Add your personal genetics AND the rich story of your life (injuries, activities, jobs, etc) and you have another layer. But, with a little training you CAN over come this.

“But my instructor always checks my form.” That is a GOOD instructor. But what if you don’t have the range of motion to get it right in the first place? Then even the best instructor can’t help you get it right. You CAN do a symmetrical program successfully if you train correctly.

We look for patterns.

When we look at a person we don’t just look at the shoulder, or knee, or neck pain that brought them to our clinic. We also look at all the parts that influence the mechanics at that area. We look at HOW MUCH the person can move and HOW WELL they do it. 

Can they squat? How do they squat? Does this correlate with how much their hips move? Does their right shoulder move the same as the left? What about strength comparisons right and left? Then we develop a tailored program to address each person’s specific limitations. Once your body is trained to address your asymmetry, the sky is the limit!

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