Asymmetrical Yoga

I love yoga. 

When I was a student I cleaned the bathroom in a yoga studio in exchange for free classes. It changed my life and I will always be a big fan of yoga’s relaxing and restorative properties. 

We are not symmetrical.

Have you ever noticed that yoga postures feel different on one side versus the other other? Or are harder on one side than the other? That is your asymmetry speaking. We all have it in some way. 

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Good Shoes: Don’t Leave Home Without Them!

At The Physical Therapy Place, even when you come in for a non-foot injury, we might still talk about your  shoes. Why do we do that?

Your body is a whole system. The place we feel pain is simply the spot getting the most abuse. Ligaments, muscles, bursa - they don’t just get sprained, strained, or inflamed for fun. They get irritated and injured because our body, as a whole system, is putting too much load on that area.  

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